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Communication Is a Benefit During Open Enrollment

November 2, 2018

Via: Workforce

Elkay Manufacturing Co. is on the cusp of something new as benefits open enrollment season rolls around. After successfully meeting the needs of employees and the budget of the employer for years, its health care offerings just weren’t popular anymore. […]

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6 tips to help HR survive open enrollment

October 23, 2017

Via: HR Dive

Open enrollment: The same stress as the rest of the year, multiplied by a factor of 10. The strategy planning, the tech buying and (we hope) the first talks with employees have long passed. Now it’s just about surviving one […]

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2018 Open Enrollment: Active vs. Passive Benefits Election

September 8, 2017


The consensus view among employee benefit advisors is that active open enrollment is the superior way to prod employees to make appropriate decisions about the benefits that will best suit their own—and their families’—needs. Active enrollment, however, requires that HR […]

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At Open Enrollment, Millennials Value Financial Security and Workplace Flexibility

October 12, 2016


As open enrollment approaches and benefits choices become a focus at workplaces across the country, a survey has found that retirement and core health care benefits are important to Millennials, as are flexible work arrangements. Millennials, who are now the […]

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Missing the Mark: Employees Don’t Appreciate Benefits Spending

September 30, 2016


Nearly 90 percent of employers view attracting talent and improving engagement as the top objectives they want to achieve by offering employee benefits. However, many (70 percent) say they are struggling to help employees understand and value their benefits package. […]

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At Open Enrollment, HR Departments of One Step Up

September 19, 2016


As an HR department of one, “open enrollment is always an adventure and some years more so than others,” said Cathy Clement, SHRM-CP. Clement is the HR manager at Ewing-Foley Inc. (EFI) in Cupertino, Calif. The firm, with 97 employees, […]